How to Stay Motivated at Work

Photo Credit: Gossip Girl

Photo Credit: Gossip Girl

By: Zoey Woldman

Okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes, work sucks, like really sucks. When I stepped into the adult world, no one cared to mention to me that even though it’s great making your own money, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies earning it. Just like any other job, mine comes with ups and downs. Sure, I love what I do, but some days really feel like an uphill battle. I’m not oblivious to the fact that it won’t always be smooth sailing, but I’ve figured out a few ways to get through even the toughest slump.

Spruce Up Your Space

I spend more time at my desk daily than I do on my couch or in my bed. Yet, my apartment is beautiful, and my well, pretty boring. Being surrounded by people, places and things that inspire you is sure to keep you motivated and on the right track. But of course, if you’re staring at a bleak, gray divider and the top inch of your boss’s head peeking up over it as I am, it’s safe to say your motivation is sparse (at least the visual representation of it). *Cue the brilliant idea* Channel your inner Bobby Berk, and give your desk a complete makeover. By adding a few personal items like your favorite mug, your super adorable bunny themed Anthropologie calendar, and a small plant (r.i.p. Phyllis), your desk will start to feel a bit more like your space, and not just a space you get paid to fill.

Organize Your To-Do List

Is it just me, or does it seem like work (especially in the fashion industry) comes and goes in waves? What I mean is, that I seem to have several weeks in a row in which I am jam packed with endless emails, reports to run, and so much more. I barely have time to step out during the day, let alone eat lunch. And then, I have weeks in which I literally have nothing to do. Okay, maybe not nothing, but my to-do list definitely piles up with the rejects (you know? The tasks you put on your list every day that you just keep pushing off?). I have a few of those right now… Instead of creating an unrealistic to-do list with huge jobs that you know you won’t complete (even though you really should), liven it up a bit by adding some tasks that you actually enjoy. Maybe write down that you are going to actually take that lunch break you deserve, or schedule a coffee date with a client. Tasks like that are beneficial and break up the rest of your day. Remember to write them down!! There are few feelings better than crossing things off your to-do list.

Make Me Time

Okay, yes, I know that making “me time” at work sounds like a really strange thing to do, BUT when you’re having a hard time staying motivated, and maybe even hating your job a little bit, finding “me time” will keep you from giving up altogether. I am a writer (DUH, you’re reading this. You already know), so my “me time” comes to fruition by way of a fancy shmancy Google Drive folder. The folder is called “Daily Writes,” and it consists of super random thoughts and ideas. I basically just look at the clock and write for 20 minutes. Not only does this add a little bit of balance in my work schedule, and keeps me awake on tired days, but it also gets my creative juices flowing. Find your own version of “me time” and practice it everyday, even if it’s only for five minutes.

Catch Some Zzzzz’s

I’m pretty much worthless when I’m tired. When I was in high school, I would take my phone into the bathroom, sit down on the toilet (fully clothed), lean my head on the side of the stall (yes, I know, gross), and set a five minute timer. Those five minute naps are the only reason I survived those horrendous 7 hour school days. I don’t drink coffee, or soda, and I only sometimes have tea, so the possibility of a caffeine spike is basically slim to none. Of course you can sit at your desk and snack all day to stay awake, but that can’t be healthy. There’s really such a simple fix to the work day dozes. Go to sleep at a decent time!!! When I say decent, I mean any time before midnight. Once you hit midnight, all hope is lost.

Staying motivated at work can be really hard, but by making little changes to your daily routine, your overall outlook on your job can be totally transformed. Try out our tips, and let Making it in Manhattan know which one works best for you.


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