This is the Swimwear Brand to Shop Before Beach Season Hits


 By: Kelsey Tucker

Summer is so close that we can almost taste the salt in the air and the wind in our hair. And with this daydreaming, obviously comes thoughts of laying on the beach in fun bikinis and sultry one pieces. So when we discovered Plumeria Swimwear, it was as if all our dreams came true! Luckily for us, we were able to sit down with designer and owner, Gabrielle Cimon, to dive deep into the world of Plumeria, learn how these spin on the classics are taking the swimwear industry by storm, and all the Insta-stars that absolutely swear by it! 

Five years ago, Cimon was sitting on a beach in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, when she realized there were very few swimwear brands with creative designs under $150. As a woman who spent a lot of time on the beach and in the water, she began drawing sketches of her ideal swimwear collection. Hundreds of sketches and a few samples later, women were hooked and her brand, Plumeria, was born. 

Originally from Canada, Cimon now resides in Palma de Mallorca. “I am at my best near the beach,” she explains. As a world traveler, she finds inspiration from different cultures and embodies those unique twists into each bathing suit. 

But before Plumeria came along, Cimon was a woman after theatrical arts. She studied an ambitious mix of scenography design, costume design, and the design of theater sets/props. “I really loved to take myself to another world—I imagine the setting in a different era and what people would wear,” she says. Following her time in designing for the theater, Cimon worked in social media marketing. Five years later, she fell back in-love with designing, but this time: swimwear. 

Cimon began gradually investing in more designs and styles, reaching a more diverse group of women, but all with the same mindset: gorgeous swimwear without breaking the bank. From a classic black one piece to a strappy neon bikini, nothing in her collection exceeds $120. She just launched her 32-34DD collection, which has picked up a cult following in a mere 2 months (Sierra Skye and Keilah Kang are both heavy endorsers of the brand.)

Most recently, Cimon branched-out from designing swimwear exclusively, debuting a collection of gorgeous lingerie. Delicate lace mingles with sheer cutouts to create über-feminine pieces. Whether you prefer bodysuits or separates, the extensive collection varies between $36 and $160. 

A major trend right now is pairing lingerie with streetwear, but sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate lingerie into everyday life. Cimon suggests choosing a design that is both comfortable and sexy at the same time. She believes that if you feel good about yourself in what you’re wearing, it’s easy to style it into your everyday looks. 

Designing swimwear and lingerie isn’t all pretty sketches and luxe fabrics—there is a heavy business side to it, and Cimon is a prime example of turning something you love into a booming business. Cimon says that learning to delegate is the biggest thing she discovered from starting her own company. 

Her best career advice?

“Not all businesses are meant to be mainstream. Sometimes you’re on your side, but that doesn’t mean you failed. It’s actually a very comfortable place to be.” 

Cimon’s love for comfort began long before Plumeria was launched: “When I was in college, I used to wear my bathing suit tops as bras because I thought they were more comfortable,” she explains. Maybe that was the first hint toward designing comfortable, gorgeous swimwear? Either way, Plumeria is the place to shop for your feminine bathing suits and lingerie, no matter the time of year.

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