3 Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack

Photography by:  Alexandra Seda  | Graphic by:   V ienna Skye

Photography by: Alexandra Seda | Graphic by: Vienna Skye

By:  Caroline Vazzana

This story was made in partnership with Laudi Vidni.

When I think of a fanny pack, personally, my mind instantly goes back in time. I'm transported to the summer of 1993, when my family took our first vacation to Disney World. Despite the high temps and me only being two or three, I remember my mom's big purple and green fanny pack. It was the MVP of our trip, carrying everything we needed and doubling as a seat when my little legs no longer wanted to walk- she would prop me up on there and let me sit on it while she walked around. So, when fanny packs (or as some designers are calling them, belt bags) made a resurgence several years ago, I instantly thought of my mom and her big old reliable fanny pack. 

But, despite my initial hesitation of the bag, I will say, todays options are way sleeker, chicer, and definitely more eye-catching. Talk about reinventing a classic! That's why I partnered with Laudi Vidini to show you guys how I style my fanny pack in three more modern, street style worthy ways- enjoy!


The Classic

Here I'm sporting my fanny pack in the more classic way- around the waist. But, this in no ordinary option, made out of a smooth gray fabric in a marble-like pattern, it's super chic. And when paired with Manolo Blahnik mules and a tweed fringe skirt, this outfit is not your moms 90s look. 



Everything in fashion comes and goes, just like your Dad's Fila sneakers to, of course, fanny packs. But instead of wearing yours around your waist, drape it across your body for a street style worthy look. 

how to wear fanny pack

Pick Your Purse

Heading to a wedding or cousins baby shower? That doesn't mean you can't bring your fanny. When paired with a more feminine look and draped over your shoulder, this classic bag gets a whole new look. 


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