Get to Know Model, It Girl, and Stylist Amalie Gassmann

Photo Credit: Meghan Eberlein

Photo Credit: Meghan Eberlein

By:  Caroline Vazzana

At sixteen years old, Amalie Gassmann signed a modeling contract with IMG, one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the industry, and she was actually only scouted at twelve. Talk about #goals. So it's evident that modeling was definitely her calling from a young age. But in fact, fashion has always been in Amalie's blood. Her mother works in both art and fashion and introduced her to the industry at a very young age, bringing her to fashion shows and gallery openings. Now at twenty-one, she has her sights set on a few other career goals such as film-making, writing, and styling. I sat down with Amalie over macaroons and fruity drinks at Ladurée, it's kind of our thing! And she told me all about her career path, growing up in this industry, and how she's #makingit on her own. Read below as one of the coolest girls in the industry, and not to mention one of my best friends, shares not only her advice for standing out on social media, but also all of her beauty secrets. 

Growing up, did you always have an interest in the fashion industry?

My mom works both in art and fashion, so at an early age, I had a feel for it. I was going to fashion shows with my mom after school, and I was going to art openings with my mom in the evening. So I actually grew up with most of the people that are in it now. The fact that I was so familiar to it at such a young age, I kind of had to be into fashion. But I obviously love fashion, I love clothes, I love shoes, I love everything about the industry. 

At only sixteen, you signed a modeling contract with IMG, what was that like?

I was actually scouted at twelve, and you have to sign at sixteen, that’s the legal age. Growing up, I never thought I was going to be a model, and the fact that it just happened like that because,  I was just scouted, I had never thought of it. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life but the fact that this happened. It was amazing, it was pretty crazy, doing test shoots, and going to New York for my first time. I lived in a models apartment when I was sixteen, with six other girls; that’s when I really had my experience in the city. It’s crazy, you grow up fast, and you have to work with people that are older than you, that are very serious. It teaches you the ropes of a good work ethic, how to work with adults- that’s a great way to learn.

So how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very versatile. It’s very street style with an edge, but still very classic and chic. What I like about my style is that I can be feminine, I can be a girly girl, but I can also be edgy and street. I like changing it up. But what I feel is most important is that you can’t have one definition of your style. You should experiment with colors and prints, with accessories, everything, just do it. I don’t understand people that just can’t, they’re like, "oh I wish I could dress like you and all that" - just do it. You can, there’s no one stopping you. I hate when people say I could never pull this off! When I was in high school, I wore so much jewelry. Every single day, I wore six-inch heels, every day, had stacks and stacks of jewelry, and then I went through this phase, I didn’t wear jewelry for the longest time, and now this year I’m starting to wear necklaces and rings and other stuff again.

You have the best skin, describe your daily beauty routine.

So my biggest tip, is to change up your routine, once a month or once every two weeks, because your skin gets used to the treatment. You just have to constantly change it up. Because I have pretty easy skin, I don’t have too dry or too greasy, so I like experimenting, I get whatever sounds good

Are there any products you swear by?

My mom introduced me, when I was eleven, to Clarins. Armani, their skin line is really good as well. I also love Lush, I’m obsessed with their masks. But I just keep changing it up, keep experimenting, I do face masks a lot, I almost do them every night, I’m not sure if that’s good for your skin- the sheet facemasks. And just make sure to take off your makeup, that’s always a thing. And also just wash your face in the morning too.

What do you wash your face with?

Armani makeup remover lotion. But really, the good tip I learned from modeling is Biotherm. It’s amazing, every makeup artist uses it. That will change your life.

As someone who spends their time between New York, Paris, and L.A., how does this affect your style?

There are certain characteristics that are engraved in each city. I feel like L.A. I can go all out, I can be very street, I can wear crop tops, I can accessorize full on, with the hair, the sunglasses. New York, I feel like, I'm better in the fall, because you can do something with boots, and jeans, and heavy coats. And then Paris, it’s very, very chic. But I like being street most of the time.

So, as a woman on the go, between running from meetings, to photoshoots, and beyond, what are three items you never leave home without?

Ooh. My Armani lip balm. My external charger. I was going to say sunglasses, because for me, sunglasses are a big statement. I feel like, jackets and sunglasses are my thing.

Though we’re sure, no two days are ever the same, what is a typical day like for you?

I try to wake up early. I work out, I work out a lot, actually. People don’t really understand, you know, being a model is a lot of working out and getting your body ready. Like prepping your body inside. I try to do two to three hours of workouts a day. But different workouts, like boxing, or pilates. I get that done in my morning, then I go back home, I get my coffee, I have to get, coffee, or a smoothie, and then I always have a bunch of meetings, maybe meeting with some friends, or going into the agency, going to castings. And in the evenings, I try to have drinks with people, I try to be very social, but still professional. 

What is your go-to workout?

My go-to workout now is boxing. Rumble is amazing, and I love Barry's, because I’m into cardio now.

After a long workout, what do you eat?

I love having a Macro Bowl. It’s grains, veggies, steamed broccoli, and sweet potato.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Currently, Alyx is amazing, Y Projects, Alto is great. I like Sonia Rykiel. I really love Sonia. What they’re doing now is amazing. Louis Vuitton is doing amazing stuff, it’s so cool. And then Cerruti is fun. It’s it’s men’s, but it’s very cool.

So far in your career, what has been your favorite modeling gig?

Hm. I feel like traveling to Shanghai for a day for Estee Lauder. Or shooting with Angelo Pennetta, who’s this amazing photographer who shoots for VOGUE and all that, for the Lanvin perfume campaign, that’s one of my best, my proudest moments, or my shoot for Marie Claire Australia, that was fun. 

What’s one trend that you’re currently obsessed with?

I love the vintage sunglasses, I love the streetwear, sportswear chic kind of thing. Oh, and off-the-shoulder, love that, and, no shoulder. Also, silk flowy dresses and wearing nightwear though the day.

What are some of your tips and tricks for standing out on social media?

I feel like, if you want it to be organic, just stay true to yourself, don’t try to copy anybody else. Post regularly, there’s no real formula for it, just be true to yourself, just have fun with it, and make it organic.

With the fashion industry changing so quickly, where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?

Hopefully, I’ve done a bunch of capsule collections. All I want to do is collaborate with my friends, that are very talented. Create t-shirts and jackets, here and there, not really have a brand, but just release stuff that I love, that I would wear, that I know people I like would wear. Maybe stay in the street wear element, which I really love and would really want. I would love to do more styling and also to continue working on and building my Instagram,  if Instagram is still popping. Maybe also have my first draft of my book done. Have it published, but definitely still modeling.

What advice would you give to aspiring models hoping to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t let the criticism get to you, and what you feel people are thinking about you, saying about you, don’t let it get to you, because at the end of the day they’re going to hire you because they like you, and if they don’t hire you that means there was a reason, there was another girl, there was something else. You didn’t fit the image, just move on. There’s constantly campaigns, there’s constantly shoots going on, there’s always going to be something for you. If you don’t get Vuitton this season, you’ll get the next season. Right? 


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